Achieved introductions:
Over 6,000 units

Trust and experience
for over 50 years

THERMAL conducts designing, tests, delivery and after sale service all by ourselves.

Leave heat treatment to THERMAL.
Thermal offers flexible serves from advice, designing and manufacturing of heat treatment furnaces and equipment, maintenance, seminars on heat treatment techniques and everything you wish.
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We accept consigned processing

Heat treatment technical advices

THERMAL's sales staff who have mastered professional knowledge will be ready to offer advice. You are invited to ask anything you want to know.

Trial manufacturing before introduction

THERMAL has a test facility for quenching and tempering of metal molds, jigs and tools. THERMAL can arrange trial manufacturing tests and adjust the specifications before you purchase the equipment, so you can introduce the best equipment especially made for you.

Heat treatment consignment service

THERMAL accepts consignment of annealing and tempering of steels, and brazing of ferrous materials.

Extensive lineup of products

THERMAL offers various heat treatment equipment and devices.

Steel heat treatment equipment

Surface heat treatment (carburizing, nitriding) equipment

Non-ferrous metal heat treatment equipment

Bright heat treatment equipment using hydrogen
ambience for mass production

Small-lot, small quantity production equipment

Featured products

Multi-function heat treatment equipment

A multi-purpose heat treatment furnace for both oil-quenched and nitrogen-gas-quenched (SAM)

Bright heat treatment equipment

Continuous bright heat treatment equipment that uses hydrogen gas (BCE series)

Non-ferrous metal teat treatment furnace

Heat treatment furnaces for nonferrous metals (RAV、PMR)