Quenching or annealing under the right conditions for each type of steel improves material hardness, reduces distortions and extends die life. With SAM, Thermal provides solutions to your heat treatment problems.

Target works (typical examples)

Heat treatment methods

  • Quenching
  • Annealing


  1. Dies
    Cold work tool steel:
    Caulking, deep drawing, forging, dies, stamping, etc.
    Hot work tool steel:
    Die casting, casting molds, forging, dies, etc.
    High-speed tool steel:
    Drills, end mils, taps, reamers, etc.
    Molds for plastics:
    Injection molds, etc.
  2. Tools and jigs
    Probes, collet chucks, punches
  3. Parts
    Gears, springs, clutches, bearings, screws, chains, etc.
  4. Products
    Latch needles, fish hooks, pocket knives, kitchen knives, saws, etc.


  • Quenching oil-quenched, nitrogen-gas-quenched and high-speed steel can be performed by a single unit.
  • Space-saving installation.
  • Easy automated operation using programs.
  • Six-panel heater ensures excellent temperature distribution.
  • Muffleless structure and unit heater enable easy maintenance.


Thermal offers advice on treatment heat patterns.



Main specifications (SAM 50)

Heating chamber temperature 600 to 1250 ℃
Oil bath temperature 120 ℃ or less
Effective treatment dimensions φ400 x H300 mm (including tray height)
Treated weight 60 kg/gross
Power supply 3-phase, 200 V, 31 kVA
Treatment atmosphere Nitrogen, etc.
Target steel materials SC, SK, SKS, SUJ, SKD, SUS, high-speed steel

Automatic feeding operation

1. Heating

Work that is set in position is automatically fed to the heating chamber.

1. Heating

Oil cooling

Heated work is automatically fed to the oil cooling chamber (oil bath).

2. Oil cooling

3. Air cooling

Heated work is automatically fed to the air cooling chamber.

3. Air cooling