President & CEO
Yasushi Nakabayashi

Thermal Co., Ltd. has supplied mainly metal heat treatment solutions to our customers both in Japan and overseas for over 50 years since the company was founded.

In particular, our products that utilize protection gas atmosphere and reducing atmosphere to prevent the oxidation of metals have earned an outstanding reputation for high reliability and satisfaction among customers.

Metal heat treatment that hardens, softens and changes the characteristics of metals plays a key role in the manufacture of automobiles, transporters, construction materials, construction machinery, electric/electronic products and other metal products, which are core industries of Japan.
Today, the heat treatment technology of Japan enables world-class production craftsmanship.

We steadily assist this development with our accumulated technologies and quality, and constantly conduct research and development to enable heat treatment to be performed easily and safely in an environmentally friendly manner in line with today's global standards. Thermal will contribute to society in various ways through our highly productive heat treatment solutions.

Management philosophy

Management philosophy
  • Thermal is passion. We will continuously be passionate, and manufacture with a sincere spirit.
  • Based on heat-treatment technology, Thermal will strive to conserve resources and energy.
  • Happiness to all the supporters of Thermal! We will make Thermal a company to which the Thermal family entrust their lives.